Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flightless Birds

I love you.
I hate you.
I need you.
Just go away.
God, I wish I weren't so contrary.
I would pull you in,
But I'm afraid of being pushed away.
I want you,
But who could ever love me?
Stupid little girl,
In too big clothes.
Am I as lost in this world,
As my thin body is lost,
In thick black fabric?
There is a veil between us.
Like a one way mirror:
I can see you,
But I am invisible.
A veil...
Or are you just ignoring me?
I wouldn't blame you.
I love you,
And I hate you.
If I had you,
I would probably destroy you.
Break you.
Crush your wings,
And make you like me.
Beautiful bird:
How this ugly duckling envies you.
If I could, I would tear you apart.
I would take your golden plumage,
And cover myself in your bloody feathers.
Please, stay at a distance.
Because a flightless bird like me,
Will only seek to hurt you.
Oh, but how I would love to have you.
Lock you in chains,
And put up walls around you.
Why not?
They did it to me.
Come to me,
And we'll kill each other.
And forget,
That the real enemies,
Are watching us,
And laughing
At our foolish war.
Two broken, flightless birds.
Perhaps, wingless though we are,
We can sing,
And fly on the cracked music,
Of our choking, broken voices.
You were a songbird once,
Weren't you?

Disturbing, isn't it? I know, you're shocked...TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY!!!! Really?! EVA?!?! Oh well...I had this up on deviant art, and I thought I'd just post it here...:P


  1. o_0 Who are you and what have you done with Eva? :P Just kidding. Anyways, great poem! It sort of reminded me of a poem written by the person being envied in your last poem. You know, their opinion of the the person envying them... :P

  2. Huh...Really? Cool! :) I never thought about it, but I suppose it COULD be about that...Actually, what happened was the PromptOlympics, a contest where you are given a prompt, and have to write a poem or create a piece of art about it. The week two prompt was love, and...welllll...I'm not exactly the best person at writing love poems...:P Here is a brief summary of my mental process: "Ohh...Love...Hmm...DAMN LOVE! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LOVE!!!!!!!!! OOOH!!! DEATH! BLOOD! BROKEN WINGS!!!" *Scribble scribble. Type type.* "DONE!!!"