Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Brightest Star

In my own, masochistic way,
I envy your pain:
It has made you stronger,
Then I can ever be.
Your eyes,
So bright and clear:
I could burn them,
Stab them out,
And obliterate their light,
But they would still be brighter,
Then my own.
Your smile is sad,
But it is real.
Much as I try,
I can only muster,
A half grin.
Or a scowl.
Or a bitter tear.
Your tears are so gentle.
Soft, and lonely.
I can't even bring myself to cry.
While you sob,
I laugh hysterically,
At the pain that I don't know.
Your imperfections
Are so beautiful.
Your pains and joys,
So acute.
My feelings are never so sharp.
I don't know who or what I am.
I don't know what I think of you.
Or why.
All I know for sure,
Is the hatred I feel,
For the things I almost love.
I wish my life,
Were as brutal as yours.
You are almost dead;
Drowned in your agony.
But while you truly lived,
You were the brightest star in the sky.
And I am not a star at all.

Hello, dear readers! :) Well, this poem was written with the character Envy, from Fullmetal Alchemist, in mind. Originally, it was supposed to be about him, but I ended up making it partially about me...I dunno...:P Anyway, you can find me on deviant art at if you want to read all my poems, and see some of my art! <3


  1. That's an interesting way to look about it, envying someone else's pain instead of pitying it.... Great poem!

  2. Thanks! It's just that, sometimes, I sort of wish bad things would happen, because I want to have experience, and become deeper and stronger then I am. I want to be broken, so I can fix myself.

  3. I understand what you mean. :-) You know, the title of this poem reminds me of the song by James Blunt, "One of the Brightest Stars". :P Random, yes, but there you have it! :-D

  4. Oh YEAH! I never thought about that, but it's true! :P Except mine is slightly more morbid, and has a different topic.