Saturday, August 1, 2009

You Will Never Have It

I wrote this poem some time ago, and have never gone anywhere far with it. I've definitely written better, but anything by me in the way of poetry actually worth reading has already been published, meaning I can't post said work here.
Well, enough of my bitter complaints: without further ado, the poem.

You see a flower

You want it

You want it's beauty

You want it for your own

You want to be beautiful

You pluck the flower

Hold its radiance in your cupped hands

Its beauty will fade in death

You can pluck it from the earth

Tear its petals from the steam

But you will never have it

Its beauty is for itself

To share with whom it will

You can kill the flower

But you cannot have it

You will never have it

You can never truly take what isn't yours

When you try to take the light of another

You only turn to darker night

You will bear the flower forever

And will never obtain its beauty

For the flowers beauty is its own light

You will never have it

You see a flower

You want its beauty to shine inside you

But pluck it from the earth

And it will reflect back

Only the ugliness

Of your heart.

Well, that's the poem in its entirety. Thank you for taking time to read it.


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